Putting ? to good use in Portland

A natural gas fueling station at the City of Portland’s wastewater treatment plant is now offering a cleaner-air alternative to the diesel traditionally used by some City vehicles.

The first milestone in the “Poop to Power” project, this natural gas fueling station will provide gas from conventional sources, then switch to renewable natural gas one the project is complete. The gas will be produced as a byproduct of wastewater treatment, converting City waste into a clean fuel.

Nearly 100 percent of the waste methane generated from sewage treatment will be converted into market-grade renewable natural gas (RNG), displacing diesel in truck usage, and converting one of the most damaging greenhouse gases into one of the cleanest fuels there is. This clean fuel will also be available for truck fuel via NW Natural’s pipeline, and can be purchased at a local fueling station being built in partnership with NW Natural.

To start, six natural gas vehicles will be acquired or converted. But by year’s end, that number will ramp up to 13, and will continue to grow as the City converts and acquires additional vehicles. Check out recent media on the project below; we’ll continue to post updates as the project continues!