Don’t leave money on the table: be rewarded for clean fuels!

You can become a voluntary credit generator for the Oregon Clean Fuels Standard and be paid for the clean fuels you use or the clean fuels infrastructure you provide if you:

  • Own or operate electric charging stations in public, at workplaces, or at residences
  • Import or produce biogas in Oregon to be used as a transportation fuel
  • Import or produce renewable diesel or renewable gasoline
  • Own equipment to dispense qualifying CNG, LNG, LCNG, LPG (otherwise known as propane or autogas), or hydrogen transportation fuels
  • Import or produce biofuels

Private sector as well as governmental fleets can participate.

Why this opportunity exists

The Oregon Clean Fuels Standard was launched to help meet the state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals, to diversify and grow the state’s economy through the manufacture and distribution of clean fuels, to stabilize volatility in fuel prices, and to provide more fuel choices for consumers and businesses.

How it works

Under the Oregon Clean Fuels Standard, oil companies are required to gradually reduce the average carbon intensity of the gasoline and diesel they sell in Oregon by 10% over 10 years (from 2016-2026). Fuel carbon intensity is measured against a baseline and the clean fuel standard gradually decreases over time. Low carbon fuels are any fuels that are below the standard. Credit generators are the voluntary providers of these clean fuels, specifically electricity, propane, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied compressed natural gas (LCNG), liquid petroleum gas (LPG, otherwise known as propane or autogas), biogas, renewable diesel and hydrogen.

Because the Oregon market just started in 2016, credit values are unknown, but volunteering to participate early on will ensure you can take full advantage of the financial benefits of the credit market as it ramps up. In California, credits have ranged in price from an average of $25 per metric ton of CO2e reduced up to $85/ton.

How you can participate

All credit generators must register for the program.

To register, go to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) registration form for credit generators.

Voluntary, or opt-in, credit generators will provide quarterly progress reports and an annual report on low carbon fuel volumes and credits generated using the CFP Online System, a free website. Credits will also be offered for sale and traded on the CFP Online System. Credit generators will need to track and verify carbon intensities and fuel volumes for transportation fuels used in Oregon.

Opt-in credit generators can opt-out of the program at any time by notifying DEQ in writing.

For more information please contact:

Cory-Ann Wind, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality


Phone: (503) 229-5388 or (800) 452-4011