Spread the word: Washington has Clean Fuels Now!

Look what we all accomplished: clean fuels up and down the west coast.

A big thing happened this year!  In May, Washington State joined California, Oregon and B.C. in passing into law a Clean Fuel Standard, creating one of the largest clean fuels markets in the world. We can power more vehicles big and small with low- and zero-pollution fuels, like clean electricity and sustainably produced biofuels.

This is an incredible win for Washington, our lungs, our community and our climate.

We know when it comes to climate action, we have no time to spare.  And we know there’s a lot more to do to break free from the oil industryl.  

In the words of Governor Inslee, perseverance is a renewable resource.  Yet sometimes we need to reflect on the progress we have achieved to remind us to tap that reserve and keep going.

You made this possible! Spread the word today—we can beat the oil industry. We can move beyond oil.  How do we know?  We’re doing it!