66% of WA voters want clean fuels now

Washington’s need for clean air and healthier lungs has never been more important.    

A Clean Fuel Standard is one of the fastest ways to act on climate, by reducing our transportation emissions—our state’s largest source of the air pollution that threatens our health and causes climate change.

We can lead on climate, as we have before.

Our state is already on a pathway to a 100% clean electricity grid. By electrifying more of our transportation sector, we can further reduce our climate impact and improve our air quality. What we can’t electrify, we can transition to use cleaner fuels. A Clean Fuel Standard will affordably make all of our transportation fuels cleaner, and thus help transition away from our reliance off fossil fuels.  

Delaying climate action is as bad as climate denial. Sign the petition to encourage the Washington Legislature to commit to #LeadonClimate and pass a Clean Fuel Standard in 2021.

Click here to tell the WA Legislature to lead on climate by passing a Clean Fuel Standard!