Clean Fuel Program Saves Big

There are dozens of reports that show how Clean Fuels Programs boost jobs, economic development, and savings at the pump. (See here and here, for a few examples.)

But Clean Fuels boost our economy in other real, tangible ways in addition to these traditional economic indicators.

Via National Resources Defense Council:

But even outside reduced fuel expenditures, there are other significant benefits for all Californians from AB32 including:

Reduced health costs and avoided premature deaths and illness. California’s climate policies will yield significant co-benefits in terms of reduced smog-forming emissions and particulate matter.  With nearly twice as many Californians dying annually from traffic pollution compared to motor-related accidents each year, these critical co-benefits must not be forgotten.

Carbon pollution reductions: We estimate 70 million metric tons will be reduced in 2020 alone due to California’s transportation measures. That’s equivalent to the annual emissions of nearly 15 million passenger vehicles.

Improved energy security: Reductions in oil-dependence due to AB32 yields significant benefits valued at potentially billions of dollars annually, based on energy security estimates by Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Clean Fuels Programs do more than boost our economy by saving fuel costs. They also clean our air. They reduce pollutants that contribute to climate change. They break our dependency on foreign oil.

There are so many good reasons to support a Clean Fuels Program in Oregon. That’s why a broad and diverse coalition of more than 100 businesses and organizations have joined together to say that Clean Fuels Work.

Clean Fuels are ready to invest in Oregon — we’re ready for Oregon to show them the state is ready, too.

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