Clean Fuels = Benefits Not Buzz for Bend Tour Company

At any given day in Bend, Oregon, there are no less than 20 tour companies taking visitors to see the sites, according to Central Oregon tourism group Visit Bend.

The Bend Tour Company stands out from the crowd – with tours offered on electric bikes, segways or cruiser cars, and themed tours of the city and surrounding sights.

Partner John Flannery says he knew eco-tourism would be good for the environment, but he never imagined it would be so good for business.

E-bikes, segways and cars have allowed for an intimate group experience to see more of the area than a traditional tour van would allow, while also bringing a “cool” factor to tours that attract people time and time again.

Offering everything from the “Ale Trail and Brew Tap Tour”; the “Art Safari Tour” highlighting Central Oregon regional artists, historical tours; and even majestic sunset tours, The Bend Tour Company boasts many ways to see Bend.

“Taking a tour on an e-bike helps demystify a place,” says company partner John Flannery. “They help people to know the place they’re touring more intimately. Our customers love them.”

The bikes have also helped people feel more ready to take the leap to buy their own e-bike and switch from drive-commuting to biking to work. John says past customers have returned to let him know that they purchased an e-bike because The Bend Tour Company tour showed them how easy it is to commute by e-bike. For commuters, e-bikes offer some of the physicality of a regular bike, but are not as difficult – saving the money on gas, and some of the workout sweat.

Then there’s Bend Tour Company’s electric cruiser cars– pure “gems” (Global Electric Motor Car Vehicles, that is.) They allow for a quiet, scenic drive -an intimate group experience without wasting space or gas – and are far cheaper to fuel and maintain than gas-powered cars; just rotate your tires regularly and add fresh wiper fluid!

According to Drive Oregon, in the Pacific NW, electric car drivers pay just $0.99 to drive the same distance as a gallon of gas in a conventional car. When not in use, the company simply plugs the GEM cars into the wall to charge until needed again.

Bend Tour Company’s story illustrates the benefits of clean fuels at work – specifically that they are a great choice for businesses where every cent counts!