Clean fuels help economy as well as environment

ICYMI, Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian weighs in on the expanding Clean Fuel workforce in Oregon — where the jobs are local, middle-income, and growing!

Avakian acknowledges:

Clean fuel companies have demonstrated their desire to expand in Oregon. Students are showing that Oregon’s workforce is ready. And consumers, knowing that gas prices will surely spike back soon, want stable, cleaner, alternative fuel options.

It’s time to keep the momentum going. We know that since California passed its clean fuels program in 2007, the number of clean fuel market players in that state has doubled.

By requiring oil importers to reduce their pollution and open the fuel market beyond gas and diesel, Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program will increase access to cleaner-burning fuel sources, help solidify Oregon as a clean fuel leader, and support local and regional jobs.

Lawmakers were smart to create the Clean Fuels Program — and for the sake of Oregon’s economy, jobs and environment, they should reauthorize it.

Read the full article via the Register Guard.


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