Clean Fuels Now is on the move!

Of the many proposals moving forward in the Washington State Legislative session around climate action, the adoption of a Clean Fuel Standard (HB 1091), is gaining momentum! This is the third straight year the bill has been considered by the Legislature, and the third year in a row it has passed the House. In the previous two years it stalled in the Senate; this year, momentum is on our side. 

Primary sponsor Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (D-34) introduced HB 1091 at the very beginning of session, and it has been moving along steadily! After passing the Senate Ways and Means Committee, this is the furthest that a Clean Fuel Standard has ever made it in the WA Legislature. We need your help to make sure it goes all the way! 

Quick Review: The Road So Far

What’s Next for HB 1091

Legislators negotiate the final bill: Almost there! Now that the bill has passed through both Chambers, the differences in the final versions need to be reconciled. That means we still have a voice in this process!! 
ACTION ALERT: Email and call your District Senator, urging them to adopt a STRONG Clean Fuel Standard policy.
Not sure who your District legislators are or how to reach them? Find them here. 


Once a final version has been reconciled, each Chamber will have to VOTE on the final version.


Hoorah! Clean Fuels is on its way to Governor Inslee’s desk! 

The tireless advocacy of countless organizations and individuals will have led to a momentous step for Washington state and a cleaner, healthier future for our transportation system, our economy and all Washingtonians.