Daimler Trucks: Save $$ with Clean Fuels

Daimler Trucks North America not only builds its vehicles right here in Oregon, they have a nearly 50% market share for conventional natural gas heavy duty trucks.

Yet earlier this year, Robert Carrick — Sales manager, Daimler North America — observed that natural gas infrastructure is lacking in Oregon, preventing his company from expanding their natural gas vehicle offerings to Oregon businesses and companies.

Oregon can expand clean fuel infrastructure across the state, with the reauthorization of Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program. And Daimler, and more than 100 other businesses, are ready for it.

Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program would open Oregon’s fuel market to clean fuels, including electricity, natural gas, propane, and more. It means investing in fueling infrastructure and development, allowing Oregon drivers and businesses to consider alternatives to gasoline and diesel fuels, and reducing pollution in our air.

What would that mean for most Oregonians? For one, it means reduced costs.

Listen as Toby Halter, Daimler Engineering Manager, discusses the cost savings of natural gas fuels:

Natural gas is a cleaner, more affordable fuel option — and with Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program, we can continue expanding this option across the state.

Learn more: www.CleanFuelsWork.com


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