DEQ hears diverse support for clean fuels

The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission hosted two public hearings on Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program in November, and the strong support for the program was heard loud and clear.

Highlights from the hearings:

ibew48“Our members need jobs. Currently in the State we have no oil refineries. Consequently all the money our members spend on fuel goes out of state. Creating a market for clean fuels has the potential to create clean fuels jobs right here in Oregon… We know rhetoric can get heated around fuel prices, and I am reminded of the story of Chicken Little and the sky was not falling, nor will it fall. Options are good, cleaner options are even better.” — Robin Rabiroff, IBEW Local 48



imperium-renewables-logo“Clean fuels for Oregon equates to dramatic win-wins for Oregon and its residents — every alternative fuel gallon produced here offsets a gallon of imported petroleum which equates to increased farmer incomes, restaurant incomes, well paying green jobs and potentially lower fuel prices for Oregonians.” — Todd Ellis, Imperium Renewables


“Gasoline and diesel emissions are the most significant triggers of asthma for adults and children that they cannot control themselves. Studies across the country and here in Portland indicate that the risk of asthma is higher for adults and children living near major freeways. This has been confirmed along the I-5 corridor through North Portland, along the I-84 Banfield Freeway and along parts of I-205. Implementing the Clean Fuels Program will help address this public health priority.” — Michael Heumann, MPH, MA


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Additional comments were submitted directly to DEQ in support of the program, from a diverse array of voices including Tesla Motors, Fulcrum Bioenergy, Union of Concerned Scientists, and many others.

It’s no surprise that there was such overwhelming support at the hearings. 2/3 of Oregonians support the program, which will create clean jobs in Oregon, provides options at the pump, and clean our air. DEQ meets next month to release final rules for final implementation of the program so Oregon can begin enjoying clean fuel benefits.


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