Exposing Oil Industry Influence in Oregon Politics

We like to think we are special, that we live in a bubble, but Oregon is not immune. Big money is influencing politics and has intersected with environmental policies here in Oregon. Our campaign finance system is broken, and that has affected Oregon’s efforts to safeguard clean air laws like the Clean Fuels Standard.

In November, Oil Check Oregon released a shocking report detailing big oil’s financial entanglement with Oregon’s political system. It revealed that through a web of direct donations, PAC contributions, and lobbying expenditures, fossil fuel interests have sought to block, delay and roll back popular protections for clean air and the environment.

A coalition of environment and democracy groups have partnered with Common Cause to present these research findings and answer questions. Participants will hear from presenters on what it is like to be on the ground actually fighting big energy money to try and pass environmental reforms, and discuss what we can do as Oregonians to defend our environment from big money influence.

These events are free and open to the public. Tour stops will take place in various cities throughout the state; find the nearest event to to you here; doors open for each event at 6:30pm and begin at 7.

The Statesman Journal covered the analysis and one of the first forums. Check out their article here.