Final Clean Fuels Program Rules Adopted

Today, Oregon EQC voted to approve final rules for Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program. According to the press release from DEQ:

[The new rules] lay out the next phase of the Oregon Clean Fuels Program, which seeks to cut greenhouse gases by lowering the carbon content in Oregon transportation fuels. The rules, developed by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, go into effect Feb. 1.

The commission voted 4-1 to approve the rules, with Commissioners Ed Armstrong, Morgan Rider, Colleen Johnson and Melinda Eden voting in favor and Commission Chair Jane O’Keeffe opposing.

“I believe in the goal of carbon reduction, and I also believe in the role of market transformation,” said Commissioner Melinda Eden, in approving the rules. “I feel comforted that there’s flexibility in this program and enough commission oversight” to ensure the program is operating as designed.

With the adoption of these rules, the program can begin final implementation. This is great new for Oregonians who are ready for fuel choice at the pump, for our economy and jobs, and for reduced pollution for cleaner air and healthier communities.

Learn more about the program:


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