Independence Day, Freedom, and Clean Fuels

This Independence Day, declare your love for freedom and sign on in support of Freedom of Choice at the the Pump!

Sign up here to support Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program and the Freedom of Choice at the pump!

Today, you have an opportunity to celebrate Independence day by declaring support for the things that matter: Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program will open our fuel market to clean, alternative fuel options at the pump. That means Oregonians will no longer have to rely only on gas and diesel– so they can have a real choice about the fuels they choose.

Clean fuel alternatives can also be made right here in Oregon, supporting homegrown jobs and economic opportunities. And they burn cleaner, which mean cleaner air and healthier communities.

Support Fuel Choice: Sign the petition here.

But right now, Oregonians don’t have much choice when it comes to fueling up their vehicles. Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program would open the market beyond gas and diesel to cleaner alternative fuels — like electricity, natural gas, propane, and more.

Isn’t it time to give Oregonians the freedom to choose the transportation fuel that best supports their lifestyle?

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