Poll: Clean Fuels backed by two thirds of Washington voters

It’s no surprise that Washingtonians care about the climate and environmental health. Now, a new poll shows that by a dramatic margin, we also want our lawmakers to take action to reduce the climate-harming pollution that comes from our cars, trucks, and other forms of fossil-fuelled transportation.

These findings, from the latest Crosscut Elway Poll of registered Washington voters, should provide guidance to lawmakers in Olympia who will consider enacting a Clean Fuel Standard similar to those already in place in California, Oregon and British Columbia. Fully two thirds of voters across the state want to see such a measure, which would reduce the carbon emissions from vehicle fuels by adding renewable, non-fossil fuels such as those being produced now by businesses in Washington State.
Enthusiasm for clean fuels isn’t limited to the urban enclaves of Western Washington, the poll showed majority support for the policy in the eastern half of the state and in rural communities, including districts represented by Republican lawmakers in the State Legislature.

People from all income brackets and age groups favor a Clean Fuels Standard, but support was particularly strong among young adults (86%). Women’s support for clean fuels is particularly strong, at 75% according to the poll.
Not surprisingly given news reports of extreme weather, out-of-control wildfires and increasing global concern over global warming, Environment tied for Economy as the most important issue for legislators to focus on. Among those who selected environment as their top concern, most specified climate change as the single biggest issue.