Portland Business Journal: Cleaner fuels benefit all Oregonians

Regular PBJ columnist The Climate Trust weighs in on Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program:

[Oregon’s Clean Fuels program] benefits Oregonians in many ways.

First, it reduces the pollution we create when we drive, which preserves the quality of the air we breathe. Cleaner air is healthier for everyone — particularly our elders and children — and one of the things that makes Oregon a great place to live, work and play outside.

Second, the program could encourage innovative technologies for the production of low-carbon fuels.

Dairies, for example, can install anaerobic digesters — large tanks capable of turning cow manure into a biofuel which can be used to meet the standard. In the long term, these types of technologies can save consumers money on fuels and give them a broader array of fuel choices at the pump.

In California, where the Low Carbon Fuel Standard was the first program of this type, there have been reports that use of low carbon fuels is up, and that the state is on track to meet its carbon reduction target from transportation fuels.

Moreover, the price of a gallon of gas has not been changed significantly by the program, which means this can all be done without having an adverse impact on drivers.

Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program even improves upon its California counterpart by using a cost containment mechanism in case of gasoline price spikes.

Read the full article via the Portland Business Journal.


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