Sen Prozanski: Clean Fuels good for Oregon

prozanskiIn Senator Floyd Prozanski’s latest constituent newsletter, the Eugene senator praised Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program for opening our fuel market to clean, home-grown fuel options.

Sen. Prozanski attended the launch of the first public natural gas station in Oregon and saw firsthand the benefits of alternative fuel choices, including affordability at the pump and cleaner air.

Sen. Prozanski wrote:

    Alternative fuels are becoming more readily accessible every day and now, even more so for those of us in Senate District 4. I recently attended the opening of Oregon’s first public natural gas fueling station in Eugene. With this launch, area residents have the option to fuel up with natural gas, which provides cost savings (at only $2.29/gallon) and cleans our air for healthier communities.

It’s not just natural gas. Clean fuels like electricity, propane, hydrogen fuel cells, and other technology also continue to develop in Oregon and around the country. At the launch of Eugene’s newest alternative fueling station, many businesses and civic leaders discussed the need for our state to continue building out these alternative fuel options for Oregonians. The Legislature will have this opportunity in 2015, by reauthorizing this Clean Fuels Program. Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program supports alternative fuel options for Oregonians by opening our fuel market to homegrown, clean fuels. The program creates jobs and economic opportunities, provides diverse and affordable fuel options to Oregonians, and cleans our air.  I look forward to supporting this effort.

With Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program, natural gas and other clean fuel options could continue to expand around Oregon. As Sen. Prozanski observed, that’s good for Oregon’s economy, jobs, fuel choice, and cleans our air to boot. It’s a win, win for Oregonians.

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