Time to expand freedom of choice to options at the pump

Shannon Baker-Branstetter, Consumers Union, wrote in to the Statesman Journal to weigh in on Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program. Consumers Union has been helping consumers make smart, practical buying decisions, assessing total value and worth. For their group, Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program is a win, given the diversification of fuel options including lower-cost and cleaner fuel choices like electricity, propane, biofuels, and many others.

Oregon consumers have an opportunity to reclaim control when it comes to the cost of driving. Cleaner and more affordable fuel options are available now. It’s time to bring them to Oregon.

In 2009, the Oregon Legislature passed the Clean Fuels Program with the goal of reducing carbon pollution from gasoline and diesel by 10 percent over 10 years. After years of delay, the program is poised to be implemented. But unless the Legislature acts in 2015, consumers may miss out on the new options for fueling that are rapidly coming to market elsewhere.

Since our founding in 1936, Consumers Union has been committed to helping consumers make informed decisions about the products and tools we bring into our lives. Our independent analysis in Consumer Reports magazine has helped millions of American consumers make the best choice to fit their particular needs. Working toward this same goal, we strongly endorse Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program – a program that offers expanded fuel choice and options, giving consumers the ability to choose what’s right for them, while at the same time benefiting all Oregonians by directly reducing air pollution from gasoline and diesel.

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