Ready for Clean Fuels?

Did you catch the op-ed in support of Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program this week?

Via Sustainable Business:

Founded by entrepreneurs looking to reduce waste from their own well-loved fruit company, Summit takes what is essentially trash from local farmers and food producers — contaminated flour, fruit trimmings — and figures out the best way to convert each waste into ethanol. They then distribute that clean, home-grown fuel across Oregon in partnership with SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel. The team at Summit also uses recycled water and composts any waste left over from producing ethanol…

Oregon’s Clean Fuels program will phase in a 10 percent reduction of carbon emissions from fuel over 10 years. In response to this reasonable requirement, we know that producers like Summit are ready to step in with a diverse array of clean fuel options. And more businesses will find cost savings from converting to proven clean fuels like propane. Just ask the Polk County Sheriffs Department, who are saving $35,000/year after converting their fleet.

How do we know that producers are ready? In California, where their clean fuels program is up and running, industry has responded with new fuel technology and a growing clean fuels cluster.

Clean Fuel producers are ready for Oregon. But is Oregon ready for them? A 2015 sunset on our Clean Fuels Program sends an ambiguous message to producers who are considering investing further, developing clean fuel options, cleaning our air, and creating Oregon jobs.

We’re ready for the Oregon Legislature to lift the 2015 sunset and tell those¬†interested in developing electricity, propane, natural gas, biofuel, and hydrogen alternatives and infrastructure — We’re open for business!

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