CA’s clean economy growing

A new map has just been released, that displays how dramatically California’s clean fuels jobs and economy has grown. Owing to California’s clean fuels standard, companies and businesses have been able to innovate and develop clean transportation options for California. The state’s clean fuels policies are driving serious economic gains in their state, with 200% growth in clean transportation sector employment in the last decade.

From the Environmental Defense Fund:

“A new map, “Green Roads: Businesses Steering California to a Clean Transportation Future,” identifies approximately 300 businesses in over 400 locations across California growing the state’s clean transportation sector. Ranging from alternative fuel producers to electric vehicle manufacturers and investors, these companies are proof that California’s innovative clean transportation policies are contributing to the state’s robust economy.

The Green Roads map also indicates that policies like the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and inclusion of transportation fuels in the state’s cap-and-trade program are working to support the development of clean transportation businesses. These companies are changing the face of transportation, the biggest source of greenhouse gas pollution in California. As the map suggests, it is critical to maintain the state’s pioneering fuel policies in order to spur further growth in the transportation sector and meet California’s greenhouse gas reduction goals.

MapPreviewTheir research demonstrates that the state’s clean fuel policies are directly needed to spur additional, future growth in California’s clean economy and striving for cleaner, healthier air.

How’d you like to see a similar boon in Oregon? We can clean our air and boost our economic gains — we just need Oregon lawmakers to commit to Oregon’s Clean Fuel Program. Learn more:



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