Company’s First Public Oregon Station Completes West Coast Natural Gas Highway

Clean Energy Fuels Corp., a registered credit generator under the Clean Fuels Program, was covered this week in the Portland Business Journal for opening the first public liquefied natural gas/CNG refueling station in Oregon, thus completing the West Coast natural gas highway. Read on for details. This is exciting news to make clean fuels more accessible in Oregon. 

“A new natural gas station will enable trucking companies to haul goods between San Diego and Seattle while burning cleaner fuels than diesel.

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has opened its first public Oregon liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas fueling station in Central Point, the final piece in its natural gas highway.

Clean Energy Fuels has opened its first public natural gas fueling station in Oregon.

The company has signed up for the state’s Clean Fuels Program, which aims to create a market for clean fuel credits as tradable assets created by companies that invest in clean fuel technology.

Matheson Trucking Inc., which hauls U.S. Postal Service goods, is using the station for its California to Seattle runs.

“The addition of this station allows us the strategic advantage of being able to rely on natural gas throughout our entire distribution system,” said Joshua Matheson, vice president of operations for the Sacramento, California-based trucking company, in a statement.

“With an annual fleet distance of close to 36 million miles, we are always looking for ways to reduce (greenhouse gas) emissions, and being able to use natural gas, specifically for our Los Angeles to Seattle runs, will help us do just that.”

Clean Energy Fuels joins Fred Meyer, Tesla Motors and a Sherwood refuse disposal company in the Clean Fuels Program, which mandates fuel importers lower their product’s carbon levels by 10 percent over 10 years.

The program, run by the Department of Environmental Quality, allows fuel importers to acquire credits toward the 10 percent goal, which they can purchase from companies investing in electric vehicle charging stations and cleaner fuel systems.

Clean Energy Fuels operates other natural gas stations in Oregon, but those are for private use by Fred Meyer, Kroger and others.”

Read more about Clean Energy Fuels Corp’s Central Point refueling station here, as profiled by the Mail Tribune.