Gasoline prices spike – other options available

The Oregonian recently ran a story on the price of gas at the pump in Oregon. Their findings:

GaspricesGas prices are soaring just in time for the summer.

Gasoline and diesel prices are rising as we head into summer. And it looks like there’s nothing we can do about it.

But this chart is somewhat misleading. While it’s called “Average Fuel prices,” it doesn’t take into account the cost of electricity, natural gas, propane, or other cleaner, more affordable fuels. There are, in fact, other options.

Oregon’s Clean Fuels program aims to open the fuel market in Oregon, so that consumers have a real choice at the pump. Oregonians and businesses should have the opportunity to decide which fuels make sense for them, whether they’re looking for a cleaner fuel option or a more affordable option. Right now, a majority of Oregon drivers fuel up with gasoline or diesel. But that could change, if alternative fuels were more readily available. (See our Chicken and Egg conundrum post for more on this.)

Get more information on Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program:



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