How does Oregon stack up on carbon pollution?

This is neat!

Georgetown Climate Center has built a map of state climate and energy policies, including (as shown below) the change in carbon pollution emissions that come from the power sector, from 2005-2012. The darker the green, the greater the reduction; the deeper the blue/purple, the higher of an increase.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.20.36 AM

(Click the map to visit Georgetown’s site to play around with the different map views and state-by-state data.)

Oregon has reduced carbon pollution in the energy sector by 20% since 2005. And it’s not just Oregon, evident by the large amount of green on that map. More than 40 states across the nation have reduced their carbon pollution over this time period. This is great news for our nation’s public health (did you know that these pollutants otherwise result in huge financial costs to our nation?) and shows how smart policy really works.

While it’s good to see Oregon join the majority of states in our nation in reducing carbon pollution in the energy sector, the Clean Fuels Work coalition of more than 100 businesses and and organizations have come together to say that we’re ready to make strides across our transportation sector too.

In Oregon, nearly 40% of our pollutants come from our transportation sector; it’s our biggest source of carbon pollution emissions in the state. A Clean Fuel program — as we’ve seen from our California and British Columbia neighbors that have already implemented their own programs — would help us address this. Oregon’s program will reduce pollution and increase alternative fuel options, while providing the regulatory certainty needed to give investors and entrepreneurs the confidence they need to invest in our state.

It’s time to address carbon pollution emissions from gas and diesel in Oregon, by offering cleaner options at the pump. A Clean Fuel program means more affordable and cleaner fuel choices for consumers, in-state jobs and economic gains, and clean air for public health.  Learn more:



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