New Study Released: Ample, Affordable Clean Fuel Supply for Pacific Coast


Cleaner, affordable fuel options are available in abundant supply across North America’s Pacific Coast, according to a new study from ICCT and E4Tech released this morning.

The study demonstrates that clean fuel options are readily available in Oregon, Washington, California, and British Columbia and can meet established and emerging clean fuel standards across the region.

As Oregon begins final implementation of the Clean Fuels Program, this new study reaffirms earlier studies‘ projections of the many benefits Oregonians can expect. Clean fuel alternatives will provide consumers with competitive prices and homegrown options, while significantly reducing pollution.

The environmental and public health benefits of Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program have long been evident: Transitioning to cleaner, renewable fuel sources creates a healthier Oregon by reducing pollution and cleaning our air.

Clean Fuels also provide a significant opportunity for our economy. While there are no oil refineries in Oregon, homegrown clean fuel production and technology can continue to expand and support local and regional jobs. This burgeoning clean fuel economy is projected to grow at great strides, with clean fuels able to support more than 25% of transportation fuel use on the West Coast by 2030, according to the ICCF/E4Tech report’s findings.

For more on the “Potential low carbon fuel supply to the Pacific Coast region of North America,” view the full study here.



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