What do EVs have to do with clean fuels? Well, everything…

Our friends over at Clean Fuel WA are joining up with efforts to see a clean fuel standard enacted in WA in 2021, and their latest blog on how electric vehicles are winning part of clean fuels is a great explainer.

We know clean fuels programs provide dollars for electric vehicle infrastructure—we’re already seeing these impacts in Oregon like these recent additions to rural communities. St. Helens OR just got a new charging station that was installed at no cost to Columbia River PUD customers thanks in part to the PUD’s participation in Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program.

Clean Fuel WA reminds us that “as EV adoption increases, a corresponding market will necessarily take off for charging stations. These station deployments create demand for planning and development jobs as well as local construction, engineering, and electrical jobs and services.” Plus, “Research has shown that the jobs indirectly created by higher EV adoption significantly outweigh the jobs lost in the fossil fuels industry. Why? Because those jobs were in “employment intense” industries that by necessity were located close to the demand for EV’s.”

Want to learn more about why EVs are part of the climate solution we need in a future with clean fuels now? Check out the full post online here.