When Clean Fuels Win, Oregon Prospers

Good news in the environmental world can feel hard to come by these days. That’s why it’s more important than ever that we elevate and celebrate local success stories. SeQuential Biofuels is one of those local stories that is definitely worth celebrating.

An Oregon business that recycles used cooking oil, SeQuential takes waste that would otherwise be thrown out with the nightly trash, and converts it into clean burning biodiesel.

An early participant in the Oregon Clean Fuels Standard, Portland-based SeQuential is proving that the Standard is a success. Their company is growing, and their biodiesel is sold all over the state (you may have even bought their fuel without even knowing it!) Each sale illustrates that clean fuels are a proven, available and often cheaper alternative to petroleum.

Perhaps best of all, the Clean Fuels Standard is supporting hard-working Oregonians like SeQuential employees and creating jobs: from cooking oil pick-up to dispatch to truck driving to sales. Their company story shows that we all have a chance to participate in the home-grown clean fuels economy.

Recently, Renew Oregon partnered with SeQuential to make a series of videos highlighting their innovative clean fuels work and showcasing how well the Standard is working for Oregonians across the state.

Check out the video below and help us share the good news. In doing so, you’ll be voicing your support for cleaner air and a healthier climate. You’ll be showing your fellow Oregonians that you support clean fuels (and don’t support growing the fossil fuel monopoly) and that you want to live in an Oregon with a thriving clean energy economy and bright future.

SeQuential really loves what they do, and it shows. They’re passionate about their process and stoked to be making something useful from waste that might otherwise go to the landfill. Help us support them, and show your support by sharing this post.