Where can you fill up for $2.29/gallon?

You’re not reading this wrong. Nor is the picture dated. Drivers really can fill up for $2.29/gallon at the Truck ‘N Travel in Eugene.

There is one catch, though…

CNG per gallon

… That’s the price for fueling up with cleaner-burning natural gas instead of gasoline or diesel.


As gasoline and diesel prices spike headed into summer, it’s no wonder Oregonians are ready for more options.

On June 11, Oregon will receive its first public compressed natural gas (CNG) station. (Join us at the opening!) The opening marks the state’s continued progress towards expanding the fuel market in Oregon, and making clean fuel alternatives available to Oregonians. Now, consumers in the Eugene-area can add natural gas to their list of options to consider in deciding how to fuel their lifestyles.

This first public natural gas fueling station is a big step for Oregon. But, of course, to make natural gas or other alternative fuel vehicles a viable option for most Oregonians, we need to expand options all over the state. That’s where Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program comes in.

Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program requires oil companies to gradually reduce carbon pollution from their gasoline and diesel fuels by 10% over ten years. Companies can either blend low-carbon biofuels or purchase credits that support electric vehicles, natural gas, propane, and other clean fuel alternatives.

The program paves way to broader investment in clean fuel technology and infrastructure, creating more access to a variety of fuels. It means giving Oregonians a real choice at the pump and ensuring a cleaner, healthier air for all of us.

Learn more: www.cleanfuelswork.com


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